Preventive Maintenance

A service engineer visits your facility at a fixed daily rate to perform the tasks as required.

Project duration:

  • Customized to the machine, approximately 2-5 days

Scope of service:

  • Testing of machine-specific electrical and mechanical functions
    (Exchange of devices, functions of additional devices, etc.)
  • Control of the ball screw drives, compact guides, covers, etc.
  • Inspection of the hydraulics (control of tightness and adjustment of pressures)
  • Inspection of the lubrication systems and oil levels
  • Oil exchange as required and according to lubrication chart
  • Inspection of filters, cleaning and exchange as required
  • Inspection of the tool clamping function
  • Control of the function of peripheral systems (chip conveyor, coolant system, tool exchanger, etc.)
  • Minor repairs where possible
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