New Heidenhain control TNC 640

Complete range of boring mills available with new control

UnionChemnitz will offer the new Heidenhain TNC 640 as an option for all machine types in the future. Besides Siemens and Fanuc, Heidenhain controls are operated in boring and milling machines by many companies. Noteworthy customer benefits are their workshop-oriented programming with graphic support, as well as a userfriendly operating concept with a wealth of field-proven cycles.

The previous Heidenhain control iTNC 530 only allowed for the combination of boring operations and turning operations, as for example with a high-speed rotary table or a facing head, to a limited degree. Heidenhain has now expanded the otherwise successful concept to include a comprehensive integration of turning technology.

Another advantage of the TNC 640: thanks to a new 3D simulation graphic with exceptionally high attention to detail, the operator is able to judge the machining result before the actual machining process. A new concept for working with parallel axes allows for a compensational movement or balancing of the position display of the parallel axes Z and W, which are typical for boring mills. Operating and programming the new control do not require an additional training period. Machine operators who have experience with the iTNC 530 can easily switch to the TNC 640.

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