Machining generator rotors and turbine rotors with one single machine

Flexible boring and milling at maximum performance

UnionChemnitz has raised the bar once again in the machining of workpieces for the energy industry. In May 2015, a contract covering the delivery of a rotor slotter with a floor plate was concluded between UnionChemnitz and a large American power plant manufacturer. The challenge: it is required to machine both generator rotors and turbine rotors. Classic rotor slotters are capable of machining generator rotors only.

It was clear from the earliest stages of the project that a new machine concept had to be developed to allow for both applications. In cooperation with its experienced sister company WaldrichSiegen, UnionChemnitz managed to meet this combination of technical and technological demands. The machine adapts to the required technology with the help of special attachment units for boring and milling. Thus, the rotor slotter is able to fulfill a diverse range of machining tasks.

PCR 260 is UnionChemnitz's most powerful horizontal boring and milling machine. It has sufficient performance, torque and speed to fulfill the tasks required by the customer. The cast iron bed is strongly ribbed and absorbs vibrations. Even when performing heavy-duty machining tasks, a hydrostatic guidance system guarantees highest precision and protection from wear. The machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer for efficient and time-saving machining of workpieces.

The workpieces to be machined are placed in a highly precise clamping device and can be adjusted with the help of numerically controlled steady rests. The rotor slotter machines workpieces with a length of up to 15,500 mm, a diameter of up to 2,400 mm and a maximum weight of 150 t reliably and accurately.

The initial reactions on the market have been positive and suggest that this product could be applied in many more interesting projects.

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