Foundation-free compact boring mill TM 125

Flexible as a boring mill – compact as a machining center

UnionChemnitz presents the TM 125, the world’s first compact boring mill with patented Monolith™ technology. With this expansion of the product range, UnionChemnitz taps into the market of machining centers, though it breaks away from the competition with two unique selling points – the foundation-free Monolith™ machine bed and the boring spindle. The machine bed made of special damping concrete allows for the uncomplicated set-up directly on the floor, just like a machining center. Thanks to the boring spindle and the fact that the boring unit is attached to the side of the column, the machine also offers larger degrees of freedom and a greater traverse range – the advantages of a boring mill.

Smaller companies in particular are often challenged by frequently changing market conditions. The workpiece range that has to be machined in the future is usually unclear in terms of quantity, dimensions and accuracy. In order to be prepared for all possible requirements, the investment in a boring mill is the ideal solution from a technical point-of-view, as it offers the greatest flexibility when compared with standard machining centers. Nevertheless, the cost and effort of setting up a boring mill in the production facility are not always feasible. The lack of space and infrastructure may instead lead to a decision in favor of a machining center. Thanks to the TM 125, these compromises belong to the past.

The best of two worlds

The TM 125 combines the advantages of a classic table-type boring mill with the characteristics of a machining center and offers the ideal solution to this problem. The compact machine with a boring spindle diameter of 125 mm is designed for the efficient and economical machining of medium-sized workpieces up to 10 t with a set-up area of up to 2,500 × 2,000 × 1,600 mm. It is based on the successful Union- Chemnitz T-Series of boring mills in classic table-type design. On the one hand, the compact machine has a great traverse range, large degrees of freedom concerning machining and accessibility, and a great table load-bearing capacity of up to 10 t. Thanks to the optimized components such as the tool changer, milling heads or table components that have been 100% designed and built within the Herkules- Group, the TM 125 achieves the same productivity as a machining center.

On the other hand, the TM 125 does not need a foundation and can be set up directly on the floor in one single, complete unit. That simplifies assembly and the machine can later be transferred without any hassle. This is achieved with the help of the patented Monolith™ technology, used for a boring mill for the first time. It has been developed by Herkules, a sister company of UnionChemnitz, and implemented successfully in roll grinding machines hundreds of times since 2001. The torsionally rigid and thermostable machine bed in sandwich design consists of a welded, ribbed top, a fiber-reinforced, high-performance mineral concrete middle section and a floor plate made of steel and special damping elements. As there is no metal connection between the top and bottom sections, vibrations are effectively damped. An additional advantage: the set-up space is minimized.

The compact machine has been designed for the manufacture of prototypes and the production of small, medium and large series. The TM 125 achieves even greater flexibility with optional equipment, such as a lateral milling head for five-axis machining manufactured in-house, or a Capto interface that permits turning operations in combination with the high-speed rotary table. “The TM 125 is the ideal machine for all users who want to achieve average to very precise machining results,” says Thorsten Mehlhorn, Member of the Executive Management of UnionChemnitz. “With this machine, customers are also equipped for their future workpiece range.”

Technical data TM 125

Dimensions mm
5,000 x 5,000
Boring spindle diameter mm
X-axis traverse mm
Y-axis mm
Z-axis mm
W-axis mm
Table load, max. t
Main drive, max. kW
Torque, max. Nm
Speed, max. min-1
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