Wind Energy

Sustainability through efficiency

Cost-efficiency is essential in the wind energy industry. For economical manufacturing, manufacturers of wind energy plants need flexible machines that can machine workpieces from different angular positions. The requirements range from heavy-duty cutting to finishing with the highest accuracies – the high durability of the machines and their energy-efficiency also play a major role for a cost-efficient investment.

Solutions in a modular system

With its boring mills of the PR series with a floor plate and a RAM, UnionChemnitz offers the ideal machine tools for all workpieces in the wind energy industry. Thanks to a modular machine and control system, the machines are universally applicable. Moreover, customers can choose from a broad variety of additional milling heads as well as rotary and traversing tables for high workpiece weights.

The guidances of the machine tools are hydrostatic with a load-controlled regulation, resulting in wear-free operation and highest machining precision. The drive concepts are energy-efficient and have an energy recovery option.

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