Pumps & Compressors

Know-how creates efficiency

In the manufacturing of compressors and pumps, absolute precision and minimizing the cost per piece are of major importance. If all machining steps, such as milling, turning and grinding, can be executed with one single machine tool, the efficiency is significantly raised. The same applies for the reduction of clampings when machining workpieces of different sizes.

Intelligent solutions

With horizontal boring mills in table, floor or planer design, UnionChemnitz provides different solutions for the requirements in the production of pumps and compressors. To save time and money by complete machining workpieces, machines are equipped with rotary facing heads  – permanently integrated ones or as a changeable accessory.

To reduce downtimes, the machines can optionally be equipped with a pallet changer or an integrated table installation. Tools can be changed automatically in the rotary facing head, saving time when operating the machine.

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