Integrated machine concept for simultaneous or independent machining operations – MILLFORCE 1 and PCR 150 in integrated Installation

Earth movement vehicle manufacturer – MILLFORCE 1, PCR 150


UnionChemnitz developed an innovative machining concept for a world leader in earth moving construction machinery. The dual machine cell concept incorporated a travelling column milling machine and a horizontal boring mill for machining complex work pieces simultaneously. For optimum productivity, the machines either run simultaneously or independently for best cycle time performance.

This flexible machining system enables multiple machining possibilities for the customer. On the one hand work pieces to 7 m length can be machined on the floorplate parallel with the MILLFORCE 1 and the PCR 150, where the customer can avoid lost time in changing set ups of the work piece. If the work piece on the floorplate is changed, the PCR 150 is working in the area of the rotary table. In these cases, the machines are coupled together and will be handled as one system.

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