Contract Manufacturing

Flexibility combined with efficiency

To be prepared for a broad spectrum of work pieces as a contract manufacturer, the machines need to be flexible and universally applicable – for heavy-duty cutting as well as for high-precision finishing. Often, not only small series, but also the machining of single parts is required, whose programming has to be executed fast and quickly from the workshop. The machine has to be easily approachable to be able to do measuring, controlling and set-up directly at the machine.

The perfect solution for every requirement

UnionChemnitz offers the ideal machine tools for contract manufacturing that fulfill all requirements regarding cost efficiency, high durability and high operational availability. The UnionChemnitz scope of supply comprises a broad range of boring mills in floor, planer or table type as well as the travelling column mill-series MILLFORCE.

For the optimal configuration of the machine, we maintain a close cooperation with the customer from the beginning. UnionChemnitz has varied alternatives for the optimization e.g. of the milling performance, the torque or the speed; numerous milling heads from company-internal manufacturing broaden the spectrum of milling options, whereas facing heads broaden the machining spectrum of turning options.

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